What We Do

Despite our rapid growth, we’ve never lost track of the responsive customer service philosophy on which we were founded – and which has kept our customers coming back. Below are just a few of the many services we offer at Windmill Rice Company.

Logistical Services
Windmill Rice Company, LLC offers its highly competitive and smooth logostics services to in-house traders, outside private traders and government or public organizations. The Transportation Specialists at Windmill Rice Company, LLC provide our customers with reliability, efficiency and on-time delivery worldwide.

Trade Execution Services
Windmill Rice Company, LLC empowers customers by providing them with purchasing, financing, logistics and marketing services in a single contract, saving time, money and resources. In addition, Windmill Rice Company, LLC offers just-in-time scheduling of shipments, real time market pricing and third-party quality certifications and controls at every handling point in the delivery process.
Trading, operations and transportation specialists work closely with finance and accounting specialists to execute all trades according to contract specifications. Windmill Rice Company, LLC’s cross-functional teams strive to always exceed customer expectations.

Trade Finance
Windmill Rice Company, LLC uses cross-functional communications and personal interaction to offer customers trade financing packages tailored to meet their individual needs. Windmill Rice Company, LLC provides documentary financing through collections and letters of credit, bonded warehouse financing and open account financing.
Windmill Rice Company, LLC provides trade financing to customers at competitive rates. This enables all customers to compete in the global commodity market regardless of size or nature of their business.

Transportation Services
Windmill Rice Company, LLC provides customers and suppliers with integrated transportation solutions at competitive rates. The company utilizes containers, trucks, rail, barges, river and ocean ships and intermodal facilities to move bulk, break-bulk and neo-bulk or packaged cargoes from origin to final destination. Windmill Rice Company, LLC optimizes port turnaround and reduces freight costs by coordinating vessel operations with barge and terminal logistics. Windmill Rice Company, LLC offers quality certifications and product fumigation at every handling point.

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