Why Windmill Is Best

10 Reasons Why Windmill Is Best

Windmill Rice, LLC was organized in March 2007 by a group of farmers to mill and package rice that is grown on the farms they operate. These farmers believed that they could produce a superior product compared to what larger commercial mills were selling. The farmers engaged in this endeavor because they felt that rice consumers all over the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about their food sources and have developed a strong sensitivity to genetically modified rice. Windmill Rice can deliver a product free of genetic modification to the consumer at a competitive cost.

Here are 10 of the many reasons why you should choose Windmill Rice Company for to fulfill your rice needs:

  1. The State-of-the-Art Facility at Windmill Rice produces Unsurpassed Rice Quality
  2. Windmill Rice has the Ideal Location for Supply Chain Acceleration, right in the heart of Rice country
  3. Our Modern Automation Technology ensures that your orders arrive as specified on time, every time!
  4. We can bag long or medium grain rice with a specific broken content into your private label or into our WIndmill brand.
  5. Windmill Rice Company provides complete control from Milling to Tilling.
  6. Windmill Rice Company offers a fully-equipped Rough Rice grading Scale House to ensure you receive only top quality!
  7. The Transportation Specialists at Windmill Rice Company, LLC provide our customers with reliability, efficiency and on-time delivery worldwide.
  8. Windmill Rice Company, LLC provides trade financing to customers at competitive rates. This enables all customers to compete in the global commodity market regardless of size or nature of their business.
  9. Trading, operations and transportation specialists work closely with finance and accounting specialists to execute all trades according to contract specifications. Windmill Rice Company, LLC’s cross-functional teams strive to always exceed customer expectations.
  10. The Windmill Team has years of experience milling rice for breweries, cereal companies, repackers and food processors. Our staff has a deep knowledge of quality control and numerous food manufacturing certification standards.

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