Where other milling companies across the nation are content with older facilities that produce inconsistent qualities in their products, Windmill Rice Company, LLC makes quality and customer service their top concerns. We use cutting-edge technologies and all the latest state-of-the-art milling equipment to help us provide you consistently with the highest quality product possible. Our equipment goes far beyond color sorting. It effectively minimizes black spots, peck, and other imperfection that compromise the quality of your end product. Here are a few of the many technologies we incorporate into our processes:

  • Vertical Water Polishers that increase the rice kernel’s shine and improves color by reducing thermal stress
  • The latest in Digital Color Sorting Technology to pneumatically remove any damaged kernels. Windmill’s sorters employ the fastest firing ejectors on the market today to exercise precise removal.
  • The latest in insect and rodent prevention measures. Including third-party inspections and audits.
  • The latest in packaging equipment and automation to supply customers the rice they need in a timely manner.


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